Family Court Support: self representation and LIP specialists Family Court Support: self representation and LIP specialists
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    Expert Witnesses

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    Typically, an expert witness is called on to validate any issues outside the law that are in contention e.g. an expert witness in psychology may be called upon to determine whether mother has a psychological problem that impacts on the case. Oral or written expert witness reports are produced to provide this expert opinion, and the expert witness is frequently called to court to be cross examined on his view. If the court permits it, there can be more than one expert witness involved in a case. Some types of expert witnesses include forensic accountants, child and adolescent psychologists and, in cases where the value of a property is at issue, an estate agent or chartered surveyor.

    Family Court Support can identify appropriate expert witnesses and liase with them on your behalf, including the negotiation of fees and charges. The expert is normally instructed through the party that is represented, meaning that expert witnesses can be reluctant to become involved if the person asking for their assistance is a litigant in person. This rarely happens if Family Court Support is involved.

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