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    Testimonials From Our Clients

    Mr McA

    “I was becoming very frustrated with my solicitors and it seemed they were working against me as they tried to force me into a settlement that was not in my best interests. After speaking to John Junk, I realised an alternative was available.

    John Junk explained how the law worked, specifically relating to pensions and critical illness cover, and how these issues would be treated in divorce. My previous barrister did not appear to know about these areas of law and his opinion changed from week to week.

    John Junk and John McCord carried out some first class legal research on my behalf and provided me with a skeleton argument, to which the opposition had little response.

    By working with Family Court Support, I walked away with approximately £30,000 more than the figure estimated by my original barrister.”

    Mr O

    “When I started trying to get contact with my children, no-one would take me seriously. I approached a number of solicitors who all seemed incapable of assisting my situation and I become very despondent.

    A friend then directed me to John Junk and my situation was greatly – and almost immediately – improved. For the first time in the process I was treated like a human being, rather than a number.

    Initially I was nervous about representing myself but when the magistrate realised John Junk was supporting me in court, her attitude towards me immediately changed. Even the viewpoint of the opposing barrister changed: she claimed John Junk was ‘no ordinary man’ and that he should be excluded from the hearing – a request that was suitably ignored!”

    Mrs F

    “I was representing myself and approached John Junk to help me prepare for court.

    I was really up against it as my son’s father was a barrister and had employed a top London firm of solicitors at great cost. Throughout the process his team constantly bullied me with the threat of extortionate costs but all this evaporated when John Junk began supporting me!

    Very quickly, John succinctly presented a strong case against the opposition. I would have been mincemeat without him!

    I am forever indebted to John Junk and would recommend Family Court Support to anyone.”

    Mr McC

    “I had paid a fortune in legal fees and was still unable to see my children when I came across John Junk.

    My case has completely transformed and I have gone from villain to hero. Finally my wife is being scrutinised for the damage she is doing to the relationship I have with my children.

    I had previously been dealing with a supposedly top Belfast solicitor but she didn’t seem to have the insight or strategic understanding that John offered. I only wish I had left her earlier but I naively believed she knew what she was doing because she had so many cases on her books. Unfortunately I was only another client to her.

    I now count John Junk as a friend and can recommend him unreservedly to anyone going through divorce or separation.”

    Mr McG

    “My original barrister told me I had no hope with my appeal and to simply ‘get on with my life’.

    A friend recommended John Junk who took my case on appeal to the High Court in Belfast and won! The Judge even allowed him to speak on my behalf, which was a great relief for me.”

    Dr E

    “Family Court Support in Belfast produced a first rate skeleton argument for the Court of Appeal in England. They explained that I was unlikely to win my case, but I insisted on having my day in court.

    The Lord Justices commented positively on my appeal documents, including my skeleton argument.”

    Mrs K

    “I was being portrayed as a bad mother by Social Services and I didn’t know where to turn for help. A friend suggested I contacted John Junk and, after our initial telephone conversation I slept for the first time in weeks.

    During John’s appearance at a case conference, he identified some fundamentals of social work and human rights law to the social workers. They immediately backed down!

    I would have been completely lost without John’s intervention. Now I get treated with respect by Social Services.”

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