Family Court Support: self representation and LIP specialists Family Court Support: self representation and LIP specialists
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    About Family Court Support

    From our head office in Belfast, Family Court Support provides the necessary assistance to enable you to confidently represent yourself in family-related legal issues. We assist cases in Northern Ireland, England and Wales. We would like to assist cases in Scotland but at present we do not specialise in Scottish Family Law.

    We are highly experienced in a wide range of family law services, including temporary and joint child custody laws. We provide divorce assistance if you are in the process of filing for divorce. We specialise in providing divorce tips for men and have extensive knowledge of fathersí rights cases.

    We have supported many cases at the Superior Courts, Northern Ireland; whilst in England and Wales we have assisted clients at the RCJ, the High Court, the Court of Appeal as well as the many county courts. We can also assist at Magistrate Court proceedings, including cases relating to contact, shared residence or joint residence, specific issue orders or prohibited steps orders.

    We can help you by:
    1. Preparing necessary paperwork, such as the preparation of divorce form E
    2. Undertaking legal research that will yield the relevant case law, such as
      D v D and Re L
    3. Identifying father-friendly family law solicitors and barristers
    4. Assisting in your application for ancillary relief
    5. Preparing vital pleadings, such as skeleton arguments
    6. Running a mock court service, which involves training sessions for groups of people representing themselves
    7. Preparing questions for the cross-examination of witnesses, including social workers and CAFCASS officers
    8. Providing an experienced Lay Advocate or a McKenzie Friend to assist you at court
    9. Identifying appropriate expert witnesses to challenge CAFCASS reports
    10. Attempting to negotiate a reduction in your former solicitorís Bill of Costs


    John Junk

    John Junk leads our Belfast team and, thanks to his vision, Family Court Support was established.

    John is a long-standing and greatly respected member of the charity Families Need Fathers. He specialises in child access (contact) and custody (residence) disputes. He is a frequent and much sought after contributor to the media and has appeared as a panelist on the BBC current affairs programme Letís Talk, and has contributed to the Nolan Show, UTV's Insight and the BBCís Newsline.

    In 2003, as a first year law student, he won a merit internship to the Ivy League Law School at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. During his time working in the Child Protective Services and the family court in Ithaca, John quickly realised how family law ought to work in the UK. In New York, an order for joint custody was far from abnormal, whereas in Northern Ireland such an order was like Ďhenís teethí. It is Johnís intention to persuade and argue for the equal treatment of parents following divorce and separation.

    John knows from first-hand experience that statutory bodies treat people poorly if they do not permanently live with their children. They are denied status in areas such as student loans, bursaries and child benefit etc. And, despite assurances by the judiciary and others that there is no bias in family law against fathers, Johnís 12-years experience at every level of court tell him differently. John lobbies fearlessly and tirelessly on behalf of parents, and can frequently be seen at Social Service case conferences advocating for vulnerable parents. He also takes cases on involving grandparents.


    To offer a premier service, we have taken the revolutionary step of developing working arrangements with external professionals whose services we employ as required. By doing so we are able to assist clients throughout Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

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