Family Court Support: self representation and LIP specialists Family Court Support: self representation and LIP specialists
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    Welcome To Family Court Support, an oasis in the complex world of Child Arrangements Orders

    Operating in family law, Family Court Support provides support in all types of family related cases, including Child Arrgements Orders, (sometimes confusingly called Child Arrangement or Children Arrangement Orders) ;child contact orders; child custody issues; residence, shared residence and joint residence orders;prohibited steps orders; specific orders ; ancillary relief and Child Support Agency cases in Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

    Additionally, we provide lay advocates and McKenzie Friends to support Children Act and Children
    (Northern Ireland) Order hearings; as well as Child Support Agency (CSA) tribunals and appeals.

    We can assist you if at least one of the following applies:
    1. You don’t fully understand the legal process
    2. Your court appointed mediation hasn't worked
    3. You don’t qualify for legal aid
    4. You are seeking de facto shared or joint child custody under the auspices of a Child Arrangement Order, and your case has been rejected by a family law solicitor
    5. Your solicitor never returns your calls
    6. You have never met your family law barrister
    7. You have only received unjustified solicitors’ bills, which have never been itemised
    8. You are tired of paying out for little progress
    9. Your case is always adjourned
    10. You have not yet got into court to see the Family Court Judge, and just get told told what happened to your application for a Child Arrangments Order by your solicitor.
    11. You believe your lawyers fail to grasp your specific issues
    12. You're a parent with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder trying to get to see your child
    13. You would like a father-friendly family law lawyer or barrister
    14. You feel pressurised into accepting what you believe to be a bad deal
    15. You are wondering why the other side is being allocated everything following your divorce
    16. You are frustrated you cannot get to see your children
    17. You are a grandparent who cannot get to see your grandchildren following a separation or divorce and you are seeking a Spending Time Child Arrangement Order or a Living With Child Arrangements Order

    If you are capable of holding a civilised conversation and can comfortably read a broadsheet, self-representation is possible with the assistance of Family Court Support. Why waste money on solicitors’ fees that could be invested in your future stability?

    Take action today – call Family Court Support – we could immediately help to improve your situation.

    ***Please remember that we are a commercial service, not a charity or free helpline. Our primary income is through fees.***

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